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Mandy Nash

Executive Assistant, Microgaming

Completed ‘The Strategic EA’ programme and qualified with the IQ IAM Level 4 Certificate in Office and Admin Management with Additional Units

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I joined Microgaming in 2014, initially as a Receptionist, before progressing to a PA in 2015. I always strive to develop and
take my role to the next level. I’d heard Adam Fidler speak about the real role of the EA, and was inspired to learn more and see how I could develop my career. After attending ‘The Strategic EA’ course, I immediately went back to my boss to ask to be more involved, and was keen to learn more about the business - to make my boss more effective and to broaden my role as much as I could.

I then undertook, and have just qualified, in the Level 4 Certificate in Office and Admin Management - which came just at the right time, as my bosses had big plans for me! I am now more involved in Business Support. The scope of my role is dramatically different to when I was operating more as a PA. I am now involved in strategic planning, management meetings, project management, conducting business reviews, preparing executive summaries for my boss and generally more operations management. The Level 4 qualification really helped me with my internal promotion; learning how to be a manager in my own right was essential. I love my new job and cannot believe the journey I’ve been on. I’d recommend any PA pushes their role to the next level - I did it, and so can you!

Davina Permalloo (left) and Juliet Chima (right)

Davina Permalloo (left) and Juliet Chima (right)


Davina Permalloo

The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd

Qualified with the full Executive Assistant Diploma with Additional Units

I’ve been in a support role for many years, working for The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd. I decided to take a sabbatical to reflect on my future and how I can shape my role to be more meaningful. Within my year out, I’ve completed the EA Diploma with Adam Fidler Academy. The Level 3 element is about the practicalities of doing the job, which I was already pretty good at, but it’s given me the fine tuning to be an even sharper Administrator. The Level 4 element was very stretching and taught me about leadership, management and business strategy. I’m now ready to return to my role this autumn with a better understanding of the commercial world. My confidence has grown, and I’m clearer about my goals and aspirations. With a solid EA qualification under my belt, the world is my oyster!

Juliet Chima

Nigeria Governors’ Forum

Completed ‘The Strategic EA’ programme with Additional Units

My boss asked me to find a programme that would push my PA role to the next level. I’m already a PA to a senior executive, but wanted to take the role into offering more business support, as a true Executive Assistant. I researched heavily and found only Adam Fidler Academy offering the advanced knowledge and perspective on what EAs can do in their roles. I undertook the Strategic EA course with some additional modules, and came to the UK all the way from Nigeria, where I’m based. My experience was brilliant; Adam and the other students made me so welcome. We even managed to go to the Manchester PA Network event one evening - that has now inspired me to create my own PA Network in Nigeria. I’m already applying the tools and strategies suggested… my boss loves them!


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Thank you so much for your support, guidance and example throughout my Level 4 qualification. The course was a real pleasure and asset for me; I’ve just been offered a new role which is a definite step-up. I could not have succeeded in interview if I had not learned what I have on this course!
— CB, Level 4 qualification student - August 2019

Since attending The Strategic EA course: my job title has now been officially changed to EA; I’ve a brand new job description which is a true reflection of what I do (not just the paltry PA job description I’d previously had!); I’ve had a salary increase of 4.4%! And, all as a result of attending The Strategic EA course! A very big thank you!
— CR, Executive Assistant to CEO - July 2019

Your course has enabled me to make a clear definition between EA and PA, and regarding my role my boss wants to upgrade me to an even higher level and recruit a PA underneath me! Wow! The power of your EA model cannot be underestimated. Thank you!
— MK, Chief Executive Assistant to CEO - February 2019

My new title of Business Support Manager is as a result of the course I studied with you! ... The best EA course I ever attended!
— Séverine De Moerloose, Business Support Manager, Banque Pictet & Cie SA - September 2018

I have worked as a professional EA for 8 years, and have been in search of a development programme like Adam’s for years. This has been the best training I have been on since completing my degree. Adam delivers in a professional manner, and generates discussion which is thought-provoking. I left the course with a new motivation and aspiration; thank you Adam Fidler Academy for developing high-level training for EAs!
— Zoe Ballarin, Executive PA to Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Manchester Metropolitan University - March 2018

The professionalism and energy in delivery was very engaging and the quality was excellent. Your Academy is truly a delight to have within our industry and I am thankful that are sharing your experience and knowledge to guide current and future assistants.
— Karine McKee, Head Executive Assistant and Club Liaison, Southampton FC - February 2018

Quite simply, the best EA trainer of the modern age!
— Louisa Blankson, PA to Chairs, Big Lottery Fund - January 2018

You have no idea how inspiring your words are... this is a life change that I do not take lightly! I have followed your posts for a while and find them, well - brilliant! Thank you for being a major reason for my EA transition!
— Trish Rooney Danzino, Denver, Colorado - November 2017

Adam proved himself a great course leader, and designer, combining experience, professionalism and personality in two worthwhile days. As a law graduate, I was already very methodical and a highly organised person, but the Get Ahead as an Executive PA course taught me so much about my role and how to develop in it effectively. Lots of the lessons I found easy to put into practice from day one back in the office.
— Oliver Kelly-Dean, Executive Assistant - October 2017

I came away from The Strategic Executive Assistant course both excited and enthused about my role. Using the tools and techniques covered, I was able to define a more strategic EA role going forward and wrote a paper to my Board setting out how I could support them more effectively. I have since been promoted and believe I would not have achieved this had I not attended the course. Adam’s delivery is engaging, clear and concise and draws on real life examples. Adam is an excellent trainer and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Lisa Black, Senior PA, Stephens Scown LLP - September 2017

What an immense privilege it was to listen to Adam as a presenter. I have already started implementing tips that he gave us and I have been greatly enriched by his inputs, expertise and knowledge. This was the most useful and informative course I’ve ever done. Adam’s presentation was brilliant, well-researched and a real eye-opener. He is an outstanding speaker who understands his audience and I hope that we will cross paths soon with another course, covering new topics.
— CS, Executive PA, Necsa, South Africa - March 2017

Adam delivered the Strategic EA Course in the supportive and engaging style he is well known for. He used real life examples which helped me to clearly plan how I would be able to put the techniques learned into practice within the workplace. I would highly recommend this course!
— Emma Powell, EA to CEO & COO of Chester Zoo – January 2017

Following my attendance on The Strategic Assistant course, I returned to work and pitched some changes I wanted to make in my role, incorporating me taking a more strategic approach to my position which would support my bosses more effectively, as well as allowing me the development and growth in my role as their assistant. At year end, in my performance review, I was given the long awaited title of ‘Executive Assistant’ and an elevation in my salary to reflect such changes. Had I not attended this course, I would still have been in the same position, not learning about the changes that are happening in the assistant industry and not progressing myself as an EA. This course has benefitted me, my two executives and our company overall. It’s thank you to Adam and his course that all this has happened!
— Frankie Knight, EA to CEO, Brandwatch – January 2017

Your course is highly informative; the content comes from strong work history and is extremely useful for any EA working to progress into a more strategic/managerial role. I would highly recommend it!
— Samantha Bond, Senior EA, London – September 2016

A very big thank you for the two outstanding days of the course. Not only outstanding because of the title but also for the inspiration, learning new skills and tools in a forever changing business environment. Your knowledge from the perspective as a PA/EA and trainer is so valuable for the course and to see things from a different angle as well.
— Angelika Small, Senior Executive Secretary, KPMG – June 2016

Adam was exceptional! He delivered such a mind blowing, jaw dropping, empowering course. I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know.
— Oge Egbounu, Rain Dog Films – February 2015