What an immense privilege it was to listen to Adam as a presenter. I have already started implementing tips that he gave us and I have been greatly enriched by his inputs, expertise and knowledge. This was the most useful and informative course I’ve ever done. Adam’s presentation was brilliant, well-researched and a real eye-opener. He is an outstanding speaker who understands his audience and I hope that we will cross paths soon with another course, covering new topics.
— CS, Executive PA, Necsa, South Africa - March 2017

Adam delivered the Strategic EA Course in the supportive and engaging style he is well known for. He used real life examples which helped me to clearly plan how I would be able to put the techniques learned into practice within the workplace. I would highly recommend this course!
— Emma Powell, EA to CEO & COO of Chester Zoo – January 2017

Following my attendance on The Strategic Assistant course, I returned to work and pitched some changes I wanted to make in my role, incorporating me taking a more strategic approach to my position which would support my bosses more effectively, as well as allowing me the development and growth in my role as their assistant. At year end, in my performance review, I was given the long awaited title of ‘Executive Assistant’ and an elevation in my salary to reflect such changes. Had I not attended this course, I would still have been in the same position, not learning about the changes that are happening in the assistant industry and not progressing myself as an EA. This course has benefitted me, my two executives and our company overall. It’s thank you to Adam and his course that all this has happened!
— Frankie Knight, EA to CEO, Brandwatch – January 2017

Your course is highly informative; the content comes from strong work history and is extremely useful for any EA working to progress into a more strategic/managerial role. I would highly recommend it!
— Samantha Bond, Senior EA, London – September 2016

A very big thank you for the two outstanding days of the course. Not only outstanding because of the title but also for the inspiration, learning new skills and tools in a forever changing business environment. Your knowledge from the perspective as a PA/EA and trainer is so valuable for the course and to see things from a different angle as well.
— Angelika Small, Senior Executive Secretary, KPMG – June 2016

Adam was exceptional! He delivered such a mind blowing, jaw dropping, empowering course. I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know
— Oge Egbounu, Rain Dog Films – February 2015