The EA Manifesto has taken the Assistant industry by storm - at home and abroad!  To date, we've had over 65,000 views of this definition of the true Executive Assistant role from people in the role.  For those who haven't seen it, the 'EA Manifesto - What I Am' is written below.

The Executive Assistant - What I Am...

“I’m a neutral, and independent advisor to my Executive, who enables the day-to-day management routines that enhance the effectiveness of my boss, and the organisation as a whole.  I operate as a business manager in my own right – and I am an integral part of the management team.  Moreover, I strive to demonstrate leadership qualities and align my behaviours to this goal accordingly.  I am not a business partner as I sit in the core of the business; and I am not an optional extra – my role is mandatory to the success of my Executive. I work in the space of management, allowing my boss to focus on the bigger aspects of leadership.”  

(c) Adam Fidler, 2016