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Adam Fidler Academy Learning Studio, Manchester

Adam Fidler Academy Learning Studio, Manchester

Adam Fidler Academy is based on just one premise: high-quality education and training for
Executive Assistants (EAs), Personal Assistants (PAs), Business Managers and Business Support professionals.

About Adam Fidler Academy

Adam Fidler Academy, principal Adam Fidler, was founded in 2016 to provide high-quality education and learning for Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants and Business Support professionals. It is one of a handful of private colleges in the world that specialise in offering formal qualifications and training programmes to EAs, PAs and Business Support Managers. Courses are endorsed by The University of Salford, Manchester - Executive Education (SPD), The Institute of Administrative Management (IAM), and the Executive & Personal Assistants Association (EPAA).

Our Academy is based in Manchester, UK and regularly attracts students from all over the UK as well international learners.

Both part-time and full-time courses are offered which vary in duration from courses of two-days to full-time courses of up to three months, as well as qualification programmes where ‘day students’ attend several days over a fixed duration (usually 9 or 12 months).  Evening classes and short workshops are also being offered for 2020.    

Our classes are kept small for personalised learning; a maximum of 8 students to one tutor and two classes can be run at the same time.   We also offer a number of our most popular programmes in central London, UK such as ‘The Strategic Executive Assistant’ and ‘Get Ahead as an Executive PA’.   

With an emphasis on teaching practical skills and strategies to continuously improve business performance and effectiveness, Adam Fidler Academy is the first-choice training institution for PAs, EAs and Business Managers.

To find out more about our unrivalled courses and how you can be part of a new breed of Executive Assistants, see our full suite of programmes by clicking here

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The Executive Assistant Manifesto


“I’m a neutral, and independent advisor to my Executive, who enables the day-to-day management routines that enhance the effectiveness of my boss, and the organisation as a whole. I operate as a business manager in my own right—and I am an integral part of the management team.

Moreover, I strive to demonstrate leadership qualities and align my behaviours to this goal accordingly.
I am not a business partner as I sit in the core of the business; and I am not an optional extra—my role is mandatory to the success of my Executive. I work in the space of management, allowing my boss to focus on the bigger aspects of leadership.”

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Adam Fidler Academy Learning Studio, Manchester

Adam Fidler Academy Learning Studio, Manchester


Our approach to learning

Here at Adam Fidler Academy we’re committed to providing the best learning experience for our delegates and students.  Our approach to learning is based on: 

  • Small group sizes of no more than 6-8 delegates, to improve the focus and interaction within the session, and giving the tutor the opportunity to get to know every delegate or student.

  • High-quality, inspirational and engaging content, with many illustrations from the world of work to reinforce practical application.

  • Personalised learning, with an emphasis on sharing good practice;

  • Informal and 'coaching' style of delivery, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions, interact and reflect on what’s being said.

In addition, we only employ qualified teachers and trainers who are industry experts to deliver our content. 

For most of our 2-day and Diploma programmes, our students get to know each other very well over the course of their time with us.  To support this, we regularly arrange a group dinner, or ‘tea’ after the programme, or include a sit-down lunch at a local restaurant or coffee house, as part of the learning day.   


Our approach is personalised

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You have no idea how inspiring your words are... this is a life change that I do not take lightly! I have followed your posts for a while and find them, well - brilliant! Thank you for being a major reason for my EA transition!